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SC. DELTA TERMO CONSTRUCT Ltd. executes, as a general contractor, works for contracting, projecting, purchasing, fabrication, erection and ready to start-up for industrial enterprises, both within the company and abroad, for petrochemistry, energetic and other industrial fields. DELTA TERMO CONSTRUCT Ltd. fabricates and erects technological equipment, metal structures, piping, steam and hot water boilers, vessels, tanks and other equipment.


S.C. DELTA TERMO CONSTRUCT 1999 Ltd. has its own production base, which provides a high degree of autonomy and efficiency in projects, including:

Workshop for pipe fabrication and prefabrication fitted with: manipulators, machine-tools, welders and thermal treatment facilities, cold bending facilities
Workshop for steel structures fabrication fitted with: cutting machines, boring mills, automatic and semiautomatic welders, pressing machines, roll mills.
Sandblasting workshops for piping and steels structures
Platforms for product pre-assembling (tanks, vessels, etc.)



The general objective of DELTA TERMO CONSTRUCT fabrication, construction and erection activities of high levels quality specified in the designing documentation, norms, standards and contracts for the chemical, energetic.

The policy of DELTA TERMO CONSTRUCT within the quality field, expresses the General Director Engagement related to the implementation and maintaining of the requirements of the quality Management System during the entire period of activity for fabrication, construction and erection of the products.

DELTA TERMO CONSTRUCT is authorized and certified for the works executed in the chemical, energetic field as follow:

  Quality Management System - SR EN ISO 9001:2008
  Environment Management System - SR EN ISO 14001:2005
  Helath and Occupational Safety Management System - OHSAS 18001:2007
  Information Security Management System - ISO/CEI 27001:2005
  Management System - SA 8000:2008